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Intersteller Encounters

Harmonic Creations.

It was a windy night.

Island of trillions.

These bright bright bridge lights.

Stars between.

--------->>>>> <<<<<<<-------------

(Took this of the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge)

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Kate Freer
Kate Freer
Apr 07, 2020

I loved listening to this <3 Makes we want to do a soundbath under the stars sometime. When it's deep summer.

I also really enjoyed watching the soundcloud waveform (I know it's not a waveform, but I don't have a better way to describe the graphic they generate). It was very meditative.


Apr 05, 2020

Thanks Marika. I think we can make that happen. Voices and open vowels. The drones. Yes, the colors so beautiful. I think these are they lamp posts that help the earth? The streaks I was doing an exposure and the wind blow the phone, I was wearing gloves because of the COVID and this came out.


Apr 04, 2020

Sorry if you're getting this twice! Tried to post already, but I think it failed. But what wrote was something like...

Thank you for this music. I would LOVE to hear it layered with some text from GG | RS, or with the text you wrote in this post. Maybe Desne can help us make such a thing?

The color in this photo is like RUST... which is metal + water + time. And the streaks of light... light + time.

Wow wow wow.

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