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What does it mean to go supernova?

"A supernova is the biggest explosion that humans have ever seen. Each blast is the extremely bright, super-powerful explosion of a star." - NASA Space Place

What does it mean when ZHOONIYAS says "Imma go Supernova"

I think maybe it means that he's going to explode, but in this huge bright way. Which is actually a threat to extinguish his own life, his light. It's actually quite sad and makes me think of the huge epidemic of suicides, especially in Indigenous communities around Turtle Island. So then maybe the smoke dance it his way of centering, burning out his emotions through something positive. Showcasing his light without burning it out.



What can we learn from supernovas?

Scientists have learned a lot about the universe by studying supernovas. They use the second type of supernova (the kind involving white dwarfs) like a ruler, to measure distances in space. They have also learned that stars are the universe’s factories. Stars generate the chemical elements needed to make everything in our universe. At their cores, stars convert simple elements like hydrogen into heavier elements. These heavier elements, such as carbon and nitrogen, are the elements needed for life. Only massive stars can make heavy elements like gold, silver, and uranium. When explosive supernovas happen, stars distribute both stored-up and newly-created elements throughout space.


What can we learn from loss of life?

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