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ALL MY RELATIONS is an art, theater, film, and design collective committed to making new work that uplifts the interconnectedness of all living things past, present, and future.  We shed the idea of prescriptive process. We weave together all parts of our artistic practices that we've developed in the concentric circles we work in; social justice, community organizing, reservations, broadway theaters, universities, and museums. All the story elements are interdependent. As a collective we are caretakers of each story, invested in its life and health. We show that same commitment each other, personally and artistically. As an ensemble we find our artistic home in each other.

Collective Creative Values


We seek to HONOR and CELEBRATE all our relations - our ancestors, our peers, and those still to come - by centralizing community engagement in the development, content and presentation of our work. We are responsible for initiating, welcoming and tending reciprocal relationships between our collective and the communities where we practice. 

We endeavor to EXPOSE and DISMANTLE prejudices, bigotry, biases and disrespect in their varied expressions, as well as toxicity that negatively impacts the various environmental, social and economic ecosystems that we interface with. 

Inherent in our work is infinite and ongoing OPPORTUNITY TO CREATE NEW PRACTICES - enriched by existing wisdom. We continually revisit and revise our practices and structures to better protect and honor personal and artistic freedom and access amongst our Collective, our collaborators, and our audiences.

We endeavor to INDIGENIZE and DECOLONIZE time, space and resources, in all stages of our practice. We believe that ACCOUNTABILITY is vital to the health of our community. We look inward and to each other to keep our values alive in our practice. 

Core Collaborators

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