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Earth Fly Over

So... I don't know if everyone knows this, but NASA provides a TONE of content to the public to use however we desire. GOLDMINE for me as a video designer. I was looking up my favorite NASA earth timelapse videos (the ones at night, because the city lights look like constellations on the earth and the northern lights are dope) on youtube to see if they just posted them straight to their channel (for ease of this post) and I was shocked at how many people use the straight up footage for their own videos with their own music. So... I'm posting those instead :-)

But here they are on the NASA website:

(The below one is from NASA, but it's just so cool)

(Now back to our regularly scheduled program)

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2 comentarios

08 abr 2020


I especially love when you can see the lightning storms. And the aurora.

Makes the earth seem so small. And contained. And wrapped up in a weather blanket.

Me gusta

07 abr 2020

The first video with the deep bass and static reminds me of the post Marika placed up with the two tracks we click together. Thermosphere. Maybe the thermosphere is the in the hips of Mother Earth? The strings of lights look like bracelets. Going over the earth I am flying?

Me gusta
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