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Float Above

Have you ever seen this?

It mixes a scanner of local police radio with ambient music. You can choose which city you're tuned into (this link will take you to NYC), and you have to tell both the music and the scanner to start playing up top and to the left. Then you can adjust the volume of each. Text me if you can't get it to work.

Listening to this makes me feel like I'm floating in the troposphere. The tonal baseline, and the way the voices on the scanner come in and out, more or less clearly... and that static-texture lends a voyeuristic quality, and reminds me of people calling "Houston" from space in the movies. And the idea of the police radio itself; it's always there, a continuous link, even when you're not listening to it, in the airwaves all the time.

The voices come in and out. Between blips.

...not violent right now but making threats... she has COVID...

...male walking with his pants down, throwing trashcans, no weapon...

...unconfirmed rescue coming in...

Also, what is the TROPOSPHERE? Glad you asked.

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