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It's April 12th!

The last day of the virtual-residency blog!

Thank you thank you thank you ARI, BJ, DESNE, FRANCES, HANNAH, KATE, LUX, ROBIN, SIERRA, and TY. I am so moved by how much of yourself - your vulnerabilities, your strengths, your traditions, your dreams, your skills - you offered to this great experiment.

A thing I believe about my art making process is that (counterintuitively) absolute freedom can feel oppressive, while limits are generative. Limits can guide me away from my comfort zone, and ask me to look more deeply at what is there instead of any and everything that could be there.

In this case we had the limits of not being in space all together, and the frame of the camera. These are both limits we wouldn't have chosen for ourselves, at least not in this way or to this extreme. But I found both these limits to be deeply generative. Before this process, I think I felt anxiety and uncertainty about how our unpredictable (lack of) availabilities could sew chaos into the building of this piece. Now I feel really secure in our ability to stay creatively connected while not in the same space. And of course, within the frame of the live-stream camera, we found a sense of intimacy and closeness between this story and its audience that I know we will carry forward into our next live iteration of GG | RS.

I feel very satisfied with how this chapter came to a close, and am looking forward to the beginning of the next one!

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1 Comment

Apr 13, 2020

<3 Marika! Until next time--

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