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Had the first live stream tonight-- the tape on the floor is the space I had to be inside of on the floor. The drum positioned in the exact angle. The three small screens where I would create an eye gaze with people in many parts of turtle island-- all this, while speaking and telling stories. Adapting something in a large space to this box, tonight. The inner feeling of the sun and moon from the bottom of my barefeet to the top of my head, like a body scan in mediation. The volume control of voice to match the room tone of the flute. Remembering everyone's notes and wanting to do good for the team. The thrilled of family and Native community seeing this and knowing how awesome storytelling is. Inspiring those who need it at this time or who are suffering from loss of a loved one last year, and the last year, and from the decade. Thinking about those in the future, the little ones-- who will always remember watching-- pressing those little heart buttons on their phone-- or others in the cities, who may be somewhat cynical and needing inspiration-- this sincere and honest new ritual, just being what it needs to be. Really proud of everyone tonight. Grateful to be with all y'all. Artists.

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