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Roden Crater

The Roden Crater is an in-progress project in AZ helmed by (light) artist James Turrell.

It has a lot in common with some of the sacred/celestial spaces Ari showed us on Friday - structures containing portals that align with celestial bodies in different ways. It also feels worth noting that 1.3 million cubic yards of earth were moved in its first phase of construction. Hmm.

In JT's words: “In this stage set of geologic time, I wanted to make spaces that engage celestial events in light so that the spaces perform a ‘music of the spheres’ in light.”

I invite you to learn more and see more pretty pictures here:

Who knows if this project will ever be complete, or accessible to us in person. But Turrell has completed a lot of smaller scale work that is tied to the sky, including his Skyspaces. I personally have been to one which is installed in a Quaker Meeting House in Philly.

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06 avr. 2020

Now, on my bucket list to go to Jaipur, India to the celestial observatory. Also, I was struck by the portal to Winter Solstice image that was created. It's simple, yet powerful structure.

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