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watches + Vikings

I wore this on my wrist for many years... I never knew what the actual time was. The battery stopped working. People would stop to ask me what time it was-- I would tell them I do not know. I like to wear broken watches. I placed it next to these Viking figures. They stand guard to the galaxy. They remind me that I do not have to have time allow me to struggle--to know the time, and know that there is plenty of it. Today-- there was so much time. The COVID. I wondered if I had it, I sneezed once today. I dusted this old friend off, the broken watch and their watchpeople. Took the dust off and I took the time to smile. Sometimes I dream of Vikings... They are my friends and we go to hang out. Sometimes I wonder if this is why I do not fear death..... #day1 #virtualresidency #tydefoe #starstories

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