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FOUND | 3 things, 2 questions (for)

Found these thoughts on a piece of paper--

scribbled on some hotel paper and pen,

--way back when we all could travel.

I remember not liking the pen, but used it anyway.

I like a G2 or a fine tip roller.

I just returned from the small village in Alaska... All the pictures in my mind at that time

were there arctic circle.

Even when I was back in NYC...

I missed that land. Untouched and taken care of

by the people.

This note-- reminds me about access and returning there one day...or going back to places to give gifts of art. Gifts of talking story, or life long friendships.

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1 Comment

Apr 12, 2020

And also... belonging to something is a kind of risk in itself. Or I feel it is.

Valuable questions. Like a compass.

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